What is Papersave?

Papersave is Raven Recycling’s commercial pickup service for paper in Whitehorse. We collect white and coloured office paper, newsprint, envelopes, magazines, shredded paper, and other mixed paper. We also collect boxboard and brown paper bags.

For commercial pick-up of mixed recycling, corrugated cardboard, or organics, please contact PNW Waste Removal, General Waste Management, Whitehorse Blue Bin Recycling or the City of Whitehorse.

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Why participate?

Paper makes up about 10% of all landfilled waste in Whitehorse. Raven offers a collection service to keep this valuable material in circulation and out of the landfill.

The overall environmental cost of paper is high. Pulp and paper production creates toxic byproducts, contributes to deforestation, uses a great deal of energy and consumes enormous amounts of fresh water.

Burying paper in a landfill after a single use is a huge waste of a precious natural resource.



Raven charges a flat fee of $10.00 per pick-up, plus $10.00 for each 5 minutes of service time. Additional service time will be charged in 5-minute increments. (for example: $20.00 will be charged for the first 5 minutes of service, and $10.00 will be charged for each additional 5 minutes of service.) As a client, you are invoiced every two months.

We offer bins for purchase or rental. Rental fees are $1.00 per month for each bin, invoiced every two months with the rest of the service charges.

The business client is responsible for:

• Sorting paper into appropriate bins.
• Providing a centralized paper collection station, preferably located near an outside entrance.
• Placing shredded paper into clear plastic bags.
• Flattening and bundling small amounts of cardboard.
• Not allowing garbage and other contaminants into the paper bins.

Following these guidelines assures the most efficient service and ultimately, less charges for time spent processing your load.


Sign Up

    If there is a commercial recycling need for your activities, Papersave is the right service for you! If not, look into Blue Bin Recycling or use our 24 hour Free Public Drop-Off at Raven Recycling.

Contact or call 667-7269 to sign up for collection!

Did you know?

Paper recycled at Raven is shipped to the Lower Mainland where it’s used in the production of new egg cartons.