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Call for Proposals for Artist Residencies!

Want to be Zero Waste Yukon’s and Raven Recycling’s next Artist in Residence? We’re accepting applications for the year 2023! Access our application here.

What we’re looking for:

Yukon artists who will use materials recycled at Raven to create art works that engage customers and staff in conversations about and in activities that demonstrate:
• bold ideas for systemic change,
• effective pathways to zero waste and circular economies,
• alternatives to our take-make-waste mentality,
• a call to action in the interest of caring for our planet, ecosystems and communities.

Find the full list of requirements in our application.

A maximum of 5 artists will be accepted into the program for the year 2023.

Deadline to submit: Monday, January 16, 2023

How to submit: Download and fill out our application form. Submit completed applications either by email to or in person to 100 Galena Rd., Whitehorse, Yukon.

Access our application here.

This program is made possible with the support of City of Whitehorse’s Environmental Grant.

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Artist Residency with Helen O’Connor, August 16th-26th

Helen O’Connor is taking up residence in Raven Recycling’s Depot, August 16th-26th.

Artist Bio:

Helen O’Connor is a local artist and master papermaker who makes works of art, sculpture and installation from handmade paper. O’Connor is an award winning arts educator. She has studied, exhibited and taught workshops around the world (Italy, Ireland, Japan, China, Canada, U.S. and Brazil).
O’Connor has concern for the over consumption and waste of paper products. New paper products are often produced through unsustainable practices such as clear cutting trees. As well, the use of harsh chemicals in processing can lead to contamination of waterways and the environment. O’Connor grows and gathers sustainable local or invasive plant species such as Fireweed, willow, flax, nettle, white sweet-clover and bird vetch to produce beautiful artistic papers.

Learn more on her website:

Residency Details:

During the two-week (August 16-26) artist residency at Raven Recycling O’Connor will reuse paper from discarded magazines, books and advertising to create sculptural garments fit to a selection of altered mannequins representing the diversity of society.

The public is invited to join in producing cone shaped paper forms that will be sewn to cast off clothing and fabric used to make the creations.

Workshop description: Artistic Hand Papermaking with local artist and master papermaker – Helen O’Connor.

During this fun hands-on workshop participants will learn to make handmade paper using blenders, screens, discarded paper and plant fibres. Inclusions of images and words from previously discarded paper will add interesting content to new works created by participants.

Dates – Aug, 16-26, 12-5pm
Artist Talk – Fri, Aug 26, 5:30-6:30pm — free admission
Workshop – Sat, August 27, 5pm-7:30pm — free admission

*Please note that masks are required for both events.


Artist Residency with Nicole Bauberger, July 4th-15th

Negotiations with the Wind: Inhabiting the Plastic Waste Stream

Nicole Bauberger will be Raven’s next Artist in Residence, starting July 4th!

Nicole will be in Raven Recycling’s depot between 10-2:30 each day. She will be working primarily with plastic from Raven’s recycling stream, and even using some of the things put into the plastic recycling that don’t belong there, like pet food bags.

She takes her inspiration from chasing an empty water bottle across the windy parking lot, and from Heather Ashthorn’s (Raven’s Executive Director) desire to invite people to slow down and consider what they’re doing with materials.

Her residency has two main projects. Nicole will be working on prototyping sled kites and wind socks made of film plastic from the plastic recycling area at raven. She will build them from her paper patterns, evaluate how they work, and refine the patterns. She will spend some time flying them and invite others to do so. She hopes to install some wind socks around the depot.

She will also build costumes using film plastic, empty water bottles, and perhaps garments from the garment depot. She will wear these to create short performance pieces, which will happen July 6, 8, 12 and 14 at 2 pm each day. Mostly, she will stand still for 15 minutes and allow the wind to move the plastic pieces attached to her. She will record the sounds the plastic makes doing this. Megan MacLeod, Raven’s Communications Coordinator, will shoot short videos of these performances to share through Raven’s social media platforms.

On Sunday, July 10, she invites grownup-and-child teams to join her to make puppet shows using recycled materials. We will begin by talking about the basic structure of a story, write one, find a place at Raven to stage it, build the puppets, and create short puppet shows for each other.  With your permission, we might also share these on social media.

On Friday July 15, join her and the Raven team for an artist talk and consideration of the way we use plastic.


Art workshop & artist talk with Dennis Shorty & Jenny Fröhling

Dennis and Jenny are Raven Recycling’s current artists in residence. Join us on Saturday, June 4 between 6:30pm-8pm to create art with them! This is a free event and drop-ins are welcome.

Dennis and Jenny will also be hosting an artist talk on Sunday, June 12 at 11am, reflecting on their residency experience.

They will be creating art in Raven’s Depot most mornings between 9am-3pm. Drop by and see what they are working on!

About Dennis & Jenny:

After a difficult period in Residential Schools during the 60’s and 70’s when the Canadian government tried to assimilate Indigenous peoples and wipe out their culture, Dennis has led a strong personal mission to revive his cultural heritage. Now supported by his wife, Jenny, Dennis is bringing the rich folk art, the traditional music, the Kaska language and the foods of his ancestors, to a wider audience.

During his residency at Raven Recycling, Dennis will be working with recycled materials to make insects. He invites the public to consider the value that small things have and their impact on us and our planet, to encourage respect for Mother Earth and to use wisely the gifts she gives us.

Born of Kaska indigenous heritage, Dennis Shorty has lived most of his life near Ross River, Yukon. By watching his grandfather and father carve traditional tools and toys, Dennis became interested in art. For him, making art is a spiritual path and a way to communicate with his ancestors.


Workshop & Artist Talk with Heidi Marion in Raven Recycling’s Depot

Heidi Marion is Raven Recycling’s current artist in residence, exploring the ways we interact with the vessels in our lives. Join us on May 27th for a workshop, and afterwards her reflections on her time in the Depot.

Treasure Me workshop: Vessel Portraits

Friday, May 27th, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Unloved and spent, the vessels that sail in and out of our lives each day are forgotten castaways. Come and create photo portraits of these vital servants. Honour their place in your life; contemplate what it means to spend time with the indispensable in the place where we dispose of them.


• Help with lighting and composition
• Frames, fabric sets
• Photocopier

Please bring your own camera or smartphone.

Your work will be displayed as part of an art show.

Artist Talk: Heidi Marion

Friday, May 27th, 7:30pm

Drop in for a discussion with Heidi about her 2 weeks incorporating human waste into art in Raven’s Depot.


May 13, 2022

Diversions: Vessels with Heidi Marion

Diversions with Heidi Marion

Raven Recycling is hosting a series of artist residencies in our Depot throughout the summer! Next up is Heidi Marion: May 16-27

Heidi Marion is a graphic recorder living in Whitehorse. Heidi has a degree in Fine Art from the University of Toronto and has worked in printmaking, drawing, land art, cellphilm, and sculpture. She is currently reading stories of previous extinctions by scientists, philosophers and poets to find context for our current extinction event.

During her residency, Heidi will explore how our relationship with owning things and discarding them – a human behaviour that is stress inducing, can be calmed by extinction stories. Why does it help to know that this is Earth’s sixth extinction event? Heidi is using the Raven Residency to create the second chapter in her exploration and to invite the public to examine these questions with her.

Residency Schedule:
May 16-27
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30am-12:30pm.

Workshop: Friday, May 27th, 6pm – 7:30pm
Artist Talk: Friday, May 27th – 7:30pm

Treasure Me workshop

Vessel Portraits: A Workshop

Unloved and spent, the vessels that sail in and out of our lives each day are forgotten castaways. Come and create photo portraits of these vital servants. Honour their place in your life; contemplate what it means to spend time with the indispensable in the place where we dispose of them.


• Help with lighting and composition
• Frames, fabric sets
• Photocopier

Please bring your own camera or smartphone.

Your work will be displayed as part of an art show.


May 2022

Diversions: Exploring waste through art

We’re excited to announce the launch of our artist residency program on April 25th! Five artists working with five different materials will be working in our Depot throughout the summer.
Through the pieces they create, these artists will be exploring the many ways waste affects us all. Come into our Depot during the below dates and explore the complexity of waste with us.

Artists will also be hosting a workshop on the first Sunday after the start of their residency, and an artist talk on the last day. Come into the Depot to sign up!

First up is Janet Patterson:

Did you know that each Canadian buys an average of 70 articles of clothing a year? How much clothing do we really need, and what would 70 pieces of clothing look like on a person? I will explore this theme during my residency at Raven Recycling from April 25 to May 8, 2022. I will dress three mannequins in 70 articles of clothing each. The clothes will come from either textiles dropped off in the red bins at Raven Recycling, or clothing that is destined for those bins.
Members of the public are invited to bring me a piece of clean clothing that would otherwise be going into the red bins, and I will incorporate it into my installation. Once dressed, one of the mannequins will go to a show in the Yukon Energy Community Gallery at the Yukon Arts Centre for the month of May.

Janet will be in residence from April 26 to May 7. She will be in our Depot Monday to Friday, 10am-2pm. She will also be hosting a workshop on May 1st. May 7th from 5pm-7pm, Janet is hosting an artist talk with with Teslin Tlingit elder Yankáxh Tláa (Barb Hobbis) and Heather Ashthorn, Raven’s Executive Director.

Upcoming residencies

May 15 to May 29: Heidi Marion
June 1 to 15: Jenny & Dennis Shorty
July 4 to 15: Nicole Bauberger
July 18 to 29: Helen O’Connor


April 2022

Happy Earth Month!

April is Earth Month! In celebration of all those who help protect our planet, we are doing a social media series featuring individuals working in the environmental field! And because representation matters, we have chosen to showcase the environmental work being done by local Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour right here in the Yukon! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Many, many thanks to all of you working to protect our planet!

Raven Scrap Metals

Did you know? Nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and copper do not degrade in the recycling process. This means these metals can be recycled
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