January 12, 2021

Raven is accepting applications for the position of Executive Director

Raven’s current Executive Director is retiring this coming June. Therefore, we are putting out a call for applicants.
A full description of the position can be found below.

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to
Please wait to be contacted by a board member after submission.

Deadline to submit: February 5, 2021.


Position: Executive Director, Raven Recycling Society



The Raven Recycling Society is the primary recycling processor in the Yukon Territory and continues to play a significant role in the responsible management of materials that currently are, or can be, recycled. While recognizing the many variables inherent to the waste management industry, Raven has been striving to be a financially viable and sustainable organization since 1982.
Raven Recycling Society is a not-for-profit social enterprise with charitable status. In reality, we operate as a business with all profits re-invested in the mission of the organization.

Position Summary

The executive director (ED) of Raven Recycling Society (Raven) receives direction from a volunteer Board of Directors (board), under the Policy Governance Model (Carver 2006: Boards that Make a Difference). Policy governance defines and guides the appropriate relationships between the board and its executive director. Board governance is at arms length from operations.
The ED leads the organization that provides recycling services across the Yukon, influences government policies and builds community support for Zero Waste initiatives. He/she defines their own duties and those of the 30+ staff members to fulfill the Board Ends. Daily operations demand the following skills: leadership, financial management, planning, strategic initiatives, and organizational management.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership – 30%

•  Serving as the liaison between the Board and all Raven staff
•  Projecting Raven to the public as a social enterprise that takes its territorial role seriously, acts with integrity, and operates under the highest professional standards at all times
•  Developing and maintaining professional relationships with relevant government, business and industry employees, as well as elected officials – municipal, territorial, First Nation, federal
•  Maintaining accountability to the Board through regular reporting requirements, attendance at monthly Board meetings, participation in Board workshops and supporting Raven’s Annual General Meeting
•  Acting as a professional, knowledgeable spokesperson for Raven
•  Collaborating with other ‘like’ service organizations to ensure best practices, information sharing and capacity building

Organizational Management – 25%

•  Overseeing the recruitment and management of all employees, ensuring they follow safe work practices, and adhere to Raven policies and procedures
•  Ensuring regular staff communication and information dissemination
•  Overseeing the management of all Raven’s assets, ensuring their security and maintenance
•  Ensuring consistent training and professional development of Raven’s management team
•  Developing policies and procedures as required
•  Overseeing and developing risk management policies and procedures, protecting the organization, its employees and the Board
•  Identifying facility and equipment requirements with subsequent financial implications

Financial Management – 30%

• Developing, administering all budgets and financial projections in a fiscally responsible manner
• Managing the efficient and effective use of the organization’s resources
• Identifying and resourcing capital funding requirements
• Negotiating funding agreements or contracts, and ensuring contractual obligations are met

Planning and Strategic Initiatives – 10%

• Designing and managing projects and programs to fulfill the Ends
• Ensuring Raven is a leader on progressive material management processes
• Identifying industry trends and imminent legislation and providing relevant information to the Board

Other Duties

• As required



• Experience operating a business or social enterprise
• Proven supervisory experience in a setting that promotes teamwork, trust, and integrity
• Experience in a leadership position that requires advanced visionary thinking, strategic planning and partnership building skills and abilities
• Aptitude in financial management
• Demonstrated commitment to the community
• Excellent oral and written communication skills


• University degree or post-secondary diploma or certificate
• Experience in working with a Board of Directors
• Strong environmental commitment

Working Conditions

• Occasional evenings and weekends
• Occasional travel within the Yukon and Western Canada (1-3 trips/year)
• Working in an office (90%) and industrial environment

Starting date: May 2021

Salary range: 80,000 to 100,000 per annum

Moving expenses may be negotiated.


December 15, 2020

Holiday Hours

Raven Recycling’s operating hours will be reduced over the Holidays.

The Depot and E-waste will all be closed on December 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, and January 1st.
We will also be closing earlier than usual on December 24th and 31st.

Raven Scrap Metals will be closed from December 25th to January 4th.

Raven’s Public Drop-off will be open as usual, 24/7.


November 24, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Yukon’s COVID-19 situation has changed! So, from December 1st, Raven will make the following changes to our COVID-19 policy:

  1. – Customers must wear a mask in the Depot and upstairs offices
  2. – Only 5 persons are allowed in the Depot at a time
  3. – We also recommend a mask in the public drop-off, e-waste and metals areas

We will continue to regularly sanitize the Depot and public drop-off area.

Thank you for your patience and care.


November 4, 2020

Recycle old Christmas lights and help support the Outreach Van!

Every winter, Raven encourages Yukoners with broken or unusable strings of Christmas lights to recycle them in our bottle depot. We take the proceeds from the sale of these lights and donate it to a local charitable organization.

This holiday season all proceeds from recycled Christmas lights will be donated to the Outreach Van.



The Outreach Van is a collaborative project between Blood Ties Four Directions Centre, Many Rivers Counselling, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon (FASSY) and Kwanlin Dun First Nation, and operates with a harm reduction philosophy, promoting methods of reducing the physical, social, emotional and economic harms associated with drug and alcohol use and other harmful behaviours on individuals and their community.

The Outreach Van provides citizens in need with emergency clothing, snacks, first aid, nursing services, harm reduction and crisis counselling.

For more information, visit the Outreach Van Facebook Page or e-mail

We’re paid by the pound for lights, so the more strings you recycle, the bigger our donation will be and the more help the Outreach Van can provide to our community!


September 29, 2020

Why has Raven Recycling stopped taking glass and styrofoam?

Over the last couple of years Raven has stopped taking a couple of products: glass in 2019 and styrofoam after reopening in response to COVID-19 in May. We stopped taking glass because there has never been a market for glass in the Yukon. We stopped taking styrofoam because the commodity markets for it completely dried up.

These materials are resources and Raven does not believe they should go into the landfill. Please rest assured that the decisions we make about the materials we don’t accept are not easy, but they are necessary in order for Raven to continue to operate and pay our staff.

On the topic of glass, the decision in 2019 to stop taking glass was made between all the community recycling depots in the Yukon, including P&M Recycling. Like other jurisdictions that are not located within a 500-hundred mile radius to a glass recycling facility, Yukon’s glass has never been shipped outside for recycling. The glass ended up in the City of Whitehorse landfill as cover material to keep the litter down.

Depots have explored selling crushed glass for construction material in walking paths, asphalt additives, sand-blasting material, or as products for local businesses. So far, none of these initiatives have been economically viable in the long term.

It does help if you clean and smash your non-refundable glass containers so that it takes up less space in the landfill.

We recently stopped taking styrofoam because it is no longer accepted by southern recyclers. There is no market. Once the price of virgin oil dropped, the plastics industry quit using recycled material. The markets are always variable and with every material we accept, we are always competing with virgin sources that are usually heavily subsidized by governments.

We have tried a couple of ways to deal with styrofoam, including making small bricks with extruder and larger bricks with a baler. Unfortunately, neither product has found a local market. No one wants to see styrofoam in the landfill, and truly the best option is having no styrofoam produced in the first place.

Raven Recycling Society is a non-profit social enterprise. This means we operate much like a business, but put all profits back into achieving our goal of Zero Waste. We are separate from all levels of government and do not receive core government funding. Raven is governed by a volunteer board of directors, and we provide roughly 30 well-paid non-government jobs.

It costs money to collect, sort, store, and ship recyclable materials back to market. The Beverage Container Regulations have provided certainty for a small portion of the materials we collect. The refund setup allows us to get those materials recycled . Raven continues to lobby governments to include more materials in the waste management system. This would not only provide more certainty for the recycling industry, but be a definite win for the environment!

Joy Snyder, ED of Raven Recycling

(Originally published in the fall 2020 issue of Walk Softly)



June 4, 2020 – Survey Results

While we were closed, we surveyed the public in order to gauge the impact of recycling services in the Yukon. We had an overwhelming response, and here’s some of what you said:

June 1, 2020

Scrap Metals is now open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4 (closed for lunch 12-1).

We are now accepting non-ferrous and ferrous metals, weekdays only. See the Metals page for current pricing.

The bottle depot is open Monday to Saturday 9 to 5.

The depot has new physical distancing measures, including a limit on the number of customers in the depot at any given time. Not more than five customers at a time, please wait outside if there are too many customers lined up.

We have also made the following changes to our public drop off area:

Donations of refundables can be dropped off outside the building. Please separate glass bottles. Milk cartons and tetra pack beverage containers can also be donated. Donations to Raven are currently being shared with Humane Society Yukon.

We are accepting textiles for recycling during depot hours. Please bring textiles in through the doors at that end of the depot.

Paper is now sorted into three categories – white office, other paper products, and brown paper, which includes cardboard, boxboard and all brown paper.

Both hard and soft plastics, and non refundable tetra paks are now together in one bunker. 

Going forward, we will no longer be collecting styrofoam as there is no viable market.

The E-waste depot is open to accept electronics.

We appreciate your understanding and your dedication to recycling. We hope that these changes will help to shine a light on the importance of the other two Rs, Reducing and Reusing, which are more important than recycling to lowering our overall environmental impact.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned to this page or our social media pages for further updates, and contact us with any questions. E-mail / Facebook / Twitter / Phone: 667-7269

Raven Scrap Metals

Did you know? Nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and copper do not degrade in the recycling process. This means these metals can be recycled
an infinite number of times!