Metal Pricing


UPDATED May 12, 2022


The following is what we pay out per pound for various types of non-ferrous metals.*

*These prices are subject to change. Final prices are calculated at the discretion of the attendant.


Metal TypePrice per Pound
Barley: #1 Bright Copper Wire$1.90
Berry-Candy: #1 Burnt Wire/Clean Pipe$1.85
Birch-Cliff: #2 Copper Wire/Pipe$1.80
ICW: Power Cable (80%) Recovery$1.35
ICW: Druid #1 (65%) Recovery$1.15
ICW: Druid #2 (50%) Recovery$0.65
ICW: Druid #3 (35%) Recovery$0.40
ICW: Druid #1: Lumex/Ralmax (60%)$0.95
ICW: Christmas Lights (22%) Recovery$0.20
BX: Aluminum Insulated Copper Wire$0.85
Tech: Copper Wire (35%) Recovery$0.40
Ocean: Copper Radiators$1.30
Talk: Copper/Aluminum Fins$1.00
Starters Copper$0.25
Alternators Copper/Aluminum$0.30
Elmo: Small (basketball size & under)$0.15
Elmo: Large Motors$0.10
Ballasts (non-PCB)$0.10
Converters over 11 lbs$20.00
Converters under 11 lbs$10.00
Tutu: Extruded Aluminum$0.60
Taint-Tabor: Old Aluminum/Siding$0.40
Talon: EC Aluminum Wire$0.60
Tally: Aluminum Radiators$0.30
Troma: Car & Truck Wheels (no valves)$0.60
Twang: ACSR/Messenger$0.40
Tense: Cast Aluminum/BBQ Lids$0.40
Telic: Aluminum Borings/Shavings$0.30
Thermal Aluminum - Thermal Tutu$0.50
Sabot: 304 Stainless Steel$0.40
Ultra: 304 Stainless Steel Shavings$0.25
Honey Brass$1.35
Lace-Lake: Brass Bullet Shells/Casings$1.30
Rink: Lead/Acid Batteries$0.15
Wheel Weights/Lead Ropes$0.10
Racks: Soft Lead$0.25
Dirty Brass$0.20
Dirty Copper$0.05
Dirty Aluminum$0.05
Dirty Stainless Steel$0.05


Ferrous Metals Drop Off Fees

The standard fee for dropping off ferrous metal is $110/tonne.

We accept:

• Steel
• De-polluted vehicle scrap
• Cast and wrought iron
• Bushelings
• And more.

To inquire about setting up a contractor bin on site, call 689-8522.

For commercial bin service, contact General Waste Management or PNW Waste Removal.


White Goods Tipping Fees

Raven Recycling accepts white goods (large appliances) for recycling and charges the following tipping fees:

• Items with refrigerant (fridges, freezers, air conditioners): $35 per item
• Items without refrigerant (washers, dryers, stoves, etc.): $12 per item

Questions about metal pricing? Call 667-7269 ext. 22 or e-mail

Raven Scrap Metals

Energy saved using aluminum scrap vs virgin materials is up to 95%!