Photo Contest

Rec(ycle) Your Wreck!

Yukon has a car recycling problem

We need YOU to be part of the solution.


Why are abandoned vehicles a hazard? What is Raven doing about it? Learn more here.


Photo contest

Submissions for the contest are now closed. 

Raven wants your photos of abandoned vehicles on public land! 

Stumbled across an abandoned vehicle decaying in the forest? Take a photo and you could win a great prize! Contest submission details and rules below:

Contest Details

Deadline: September 5th

Theme- “Best photo of abandoned vehicles in the Yukon landscape”

Best could mean many things but ideas could be:

  • Cars in the most beautiful or in the worst places 
  • Cars most reclaimed by nature
  • Funny situation for a car
  • Most apocalyptic


Submission Requirements: 

  • Please submit your photo to
  • All photo files should be in .jpg or .png format
  • Please include your name, contact info (phone, email), and photo location (contestants encouraged to use location settings if photographed with phone)



  • Photos must be taken on public land or photographer’s personal property 
  • Photos must be taken in the Yukon
  • Contestants consent to Raven using photos in awareness campaigns
  • No people in the photos
  • Editing limited to adjustment of photo parameters such as exposure and contrast
  • Unlimited entries but participants limited to one prize



Prize package valued at over $400 from Yukon Brewing, Yukon Wildlife Preserve, and Yukon Transportation Museum!

Raven Scrap Metals

Did you know? Nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and copper do not degrade in the recycling process. This means these metals can be recycled
an infinite number of times!