Raven recycles vehicles!


Raven is the only full-time automotive recycler in Yukon!

We accept vehicles which have had all of their hazardous materials have removed (depollutionized).


Urban Auto is our neighbor and provides depollutionizing services. Call: (867) 333-5228 ( to make an appointment. We will pick it up from there or, if you have a dry vehicle, bring it directly to Raven.



Step 1: Have your vehicle depollutionized – (Call Urban Auto Recycling* to book an appointment to bring in your vehicle: (867) 333-5228). Or bring it directly to Raven if it is “dry”.
Step 2: Raven picks your vehicle up from Urban, crushes it and ships it to recyclers in the south.

*Urban Auto offers low-cost towing within Whitehorse City limits. Owners from outside of Whitehorse are responsible for transportation of the vehicle(s) to Raven.



Urban Auto charges $325 per vehicle. This covers the costs of depollutionizing, labour and shipping.

For dry vehicles brought to Raven the cost is $105/tonne (weighed at the Raven scale).


Raven’s Goal

Vehicle recycling is an ongoing issue in Yukon. Due to the lack of consistent vehicle recycling services, very few Yukon vehicles leave the Territory. This has led to hazardous piles of cars being pushed into the forest or left rotting in the corners of properties.

Raven has set an ambitious goal to solve this issue. 

As a non-profit Raven has directly invested in this issue to benefit our community. We have completed facility upgrades, specialized equipment purchases, and strategic investments to provide a vehicle recycling service to Yukoners. We did not achieve this goal through Government subsidies or donations but through business development and a willingness to take a risk to help our communities. Like all Raven programs, all profits are reinvested in our vision of sustainable Yukon communities.

We now have all the tools and local business-partnerships needed to provide responsible and rapid vehicle recycling.



Can I bring my car to Raven for recycling?

Vehicles need to be depollutionized before being recycled with Raven. Call Urban Auto or another auto-depollutionizer.

Why does it cost me money to recycle my vehicle,  when down south I can get paid for recycling my car?

Yukon is far from the factories that turn crushed cars into new materials and we can only put so many cars on a truck. This means that although crushed vehicles have financial value when sold in the south, the amount Raven makes is far less than what it takes to cover the shipping and labour costs. This price is set based on the current market value for crushed vehicles and we regularly review the pricing to ensure the lowest possible price.

I am confused, does Raven recycle cars?

Both Raven and companies like Urban Auto have a part to play in recycling vehicles! Recycling cars is not a simple process and it requires various facilities, equipment, and insurance. Raven does not have auto-mechanic facilities or a facility for handling hazardous materials. As part of Raven’s mandate, we work to partner with local businesses where there is mutual benefit towards achieving community goals. That is why we work with Urban Auto, who have the capabilities to safely remove all hazardous materials from vehicles. Raven then uses its extensive experience and networks in recycling to prepare the cars for shipping and sale to end-markets.

Why recycle end-of-life vehicles?

Abandoned vehicles are a problem in Yukon. It’s time to develop a sustainable plan for vehicles at the end of their life.

Recycling your vehicle ensures hazardous materials don’t contaminate our landscapes by leaking into our precious water and soil.

Over 88% of a vehicle is recyclable, and it is one of the most developed recycling industries.

Recycling metals saves vast amounts of energy compared to mining and producing new materials.

Why are abandoned vehicles bad?

Apart from how bad they look in our beautiful landscape? Vehicles contain hazardous materials that have the potential to leak out and contaminate soil, water and air. These contaminants include engine oil, fuel, antifreeze, air-conditioner refrigerants, lead and asbestos which are poisonous for us and for wildlife. Contaminants can also build up in the soil and water and remain present even after the vehicle is removed. They also contain other physical hazards such as broken glass, flammable materials and sharp edges.

Raven Scrap Metals

Did you know? Nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and copper do not degrade in the recycling process. This means these metals can be recycled
an infinite number of times!