Yukon Recycling Club

When you join the Recycling Club you help your community recycling depot, you help keep your community litter free and you earn some great prizes!

The Recycling Club is sponsored by Yukon Government Community Services, the Recycling Fund and participating businesses. Raven Recycling is responsible for administering points and prizes on behalf of the Club and other Yukon recycling depots.

Members must register each year and points cannot be carried over from year to year. Any points unused by the cutoff date are lost.

Registration for the 2023 Recycling Club will open at noon on 28th April.


Remember these important dates! They cannot be extended!


First day to collect points:   Saturday 6th May 2023


Last day to collect points: Friday 10th November 2023


Last day to order prize certificates: 13th December 2023


(you don’t have to wait until this date. Order prizes as soon as you have enough points)

Last day to redeem prize certificates at participating suppliers: 13th January 2024


(suppliers will not honour prize certificates after this date)


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Being a Recycling Club Member

Once registered, you earn points by returning refundable beverage containers to your local depot. The depot cashier will give you your refund plus one point for every penny’s worth of the refund. For example, an aluminum can with a 5¢ refund is worth 5 points. Points can only be awarded on refundable beverage containers. Show your Recycling Club Membership Card or simply give the cashier your membership number and ask for your point voucher.

Save all your point vouchers in a safe place so you can keep track of your points. Points are not carried over from year to year! Look through the prize catalogue and see how many points you need for the prize(s) of your choice and order online from the Check/Redeem Points page.

You cannot collect points without a membership number. If you were a club member last year, you will need a new membership number this year.

If you live in a community without a recycling depot you will have to find a way to get containers to a participating recycling depot. (See #2 under Rules for Collecting Points)

Check the website often for updates!


Rules for Collecting Points


Yukon residents between 4 and 16 years of age are eligible to become Club members. Schools, daycares and youth groups can join if your members are 4 to 16 years of age.



Friends and relatives can also collect containers and points for you. Either go with them to the recycling depot and ask for a points coupon, or tell your friends your number so they can get a coupon for you when they turn in their containers.



You will not be awarded points for containers obtained from businesses such as restaurants, bars, or stores or from groups and organizations who use them for their functions such as spots banquets or community events.



You can’t transfer points to another membership number.



Points are redeemable up to 200,000 points, but you can continue to collect points for the chance to win a grand prize (group memberships not eligible for grand prize draws).



Points must be earned! Please don’t ask other depot customers for theirs.



If you break the rules of the Recycling Club, you may lose your membership and forfeit any points earned.



Recycling depot volunteers and employees and their families are not eligible for membership in the Recycling Club.



Additional points cannot be purchased.


Sorting Containers

For every cent that you earn in beverage container refunds, one point will be rewarded to your Recycling Club account. Check here for current rates on refundable beverage containers and the amount of points you can earn!

Claiming Prizes

Save your Recycling Club points until you have enough for a prize from the prize catalogue. You don’t have to wait until the end of the Club’s season to get prizes!

The points in your account are verified through Raven Recycling. You will receive a certificate (for one or more prizes of your choice) once your points are verified to confirm you have enough points.

Claim your prize by taking the certificate to the store printed on the front of the certificate. If you can’t make it to the participating store, you may contact Raven Recycling to arrange for shipping at your expense.

Make note of the expiry date on the prize certificate!

Prize Catalogue


The 2% Club

The 2% Club are members who are in the top 2% of all point earners for the year.

Remember that you are only able to redeem up to 200,000 points for the catalogue prizes, but you can keep earning points for a chance to be in the 2% Club and have a chance to win some fantastic grand prizes!

Questions? E-mail or call 667-7269!




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