The Board

The elected Directors and Officers of Raven Recycling Society (Raven), a social enterprise, receive no remuneration for serving on the Board of Directors.

A social enterprise is a community-based organization that uses the revenue it generates to achieve a social, cultural, and/or environmental purpose. Social enterprises act as agents of change. In our case, we are working to achieve Zero Waste within the Yukon.

Board Members
Valerie Loewen – Vice President
Maggie Matear – Treasurer
Rob Florkiewicz – Secretary
Jacqueline Bedard – President
Elizabeth Parker
David Michayluk
Bill Slater
Jim Hawkings
Rodney Hulstein
Alison Reid
Harry Borlase (associate member)

Raven Scrap Metals

Did you know? Nonferrous metals, such as aluminum and copper do not degrade in the recycling process. This means these metals can be recycled
an infinite number of times!