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Our commitment is the environment

Raven Recycling is a non-profit social enterprise that processes recyclable materials for the general public, private sector and governments across Yukon.


Hours of Operation

Please see our news page for information on service changes.

On the second Wednesday of every month, Raven (all areas and departments) will open later than normal, at 11am.

Raven Recycling is closed on statutory holidays.


Hours of OperationMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Bottle Depot
9:00 - 5:009:00 - 5:009:00 - 5:009:00 - 5:009:00 - 5:009:00 - 5:00Closed
Scrap Metals

Closed9:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:00Closed
E-Waste Collection
Closed9:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:009:00 - 4:00Closed
Administration8:00 - 3:008:00 - 3:008:00 - 3:008:00 - 3:008:00 - 3:00ClosedClosed
Reuseful StoreClosedClosed1:00 - 5:00 1:00 -5:001:00 - 5:00 1:00 - 5:00 Closed


Contact Us

For general inquiries, contact our administrator:

phone: (867)-667-7269 ext. 0

e-mail: info@ravenrecycling.org

Our mailing address:

100 Galena Rd
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 2W6



About Raven Recycling

Created in 1989 by a group of volunteers who wanted to see recycling happen in the Yukon, Raven now acts as a recycling hub for the entire Territory!

Raven Recycling Society is a non-profit social enterprise. This means we operate much like a business, but put all profits back into achieving our goal of Zero Waste.

We are separate from all levels of government and do not receive core government funding. Raven is governed by a volunteer board of directors, and we provide roughly 30 well-paid non-government jobs.


Our Mission?

The Yukon community (including individuals, organizations, businesses and governments) achieves Zero Waste at a cost that justifies the financial cost as well as the social and environmental impact.

Zero Waste is a goal and philosophy that maximizes product lifespan and resource life-cycle of all materials and minimizes the negative impacts of resource use on land, air and water.


How is recycling paid for?

Some of our revenue comes from sale of commodities. We also manage service contracts for the Yukon Government such as the Recycling Club for Kids and we operate both a BCR Depot and a regional E-Waste Collection Depot.

We also operate businesses such as Papersave commercial paper pickup and Raven Scrap Metals. The rest of our revenues come from diversion credits offered by Yukon Government and the City of Whitehorse, as well as grants and other competitive funding.

Apart from the normal costs of doing business, all our revenues are used to cover our social costs. This includes subsidizing the costs of recycling non-refundable materials such as packaging and printed paper, providing educational programs, supporting local innovative solutions and paying a fair wage to our employees.


If you have questions about our organization, contact us at info@ravenrecycling.org or call 667-7269!


Funding Opportunities

The Yukon Environmental Training Fund supports training, retraining, upgrading and improving of skills for those employed by Yukon’s environmental groups or working on environmental issues and activities in Yukon.