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What types of metals do you purchase? What are the current prices?

Raven Recycling does purchase non-ferrous metals for processing. The easiest way to figure out if your metals are non-ferrous is by attempting to place a magnet on the metal. If it doesn’t stick, the metal is most likely non-ferrous and we can take it. If the magnet does stick, the metal has iron in it and we can’t take it.

Metal Recycling is open from 9.30 am until 3.30 pm from Monday to Saturday with the exception of major holidays.

For each type of metal there are different qualities of product. For instance, you will receive more money for thick, and clean copper wire than what you would receive from thin, burned copper wire. You will also receive a much better price if metals are cleaned. By this we don’t mean that all metal has to be bathed. For example, when you’re selling copper and there’s a different metal attached to it, if you separate this and sort all the metals you will receive a much better price per pound. The metal prices also change often throughout the year depending on market prices.

Starting Out

If you’re new to the program, you need to stop in at our recycling depot first. Please bring a piece of photo ID. Our Depot staff will then set you up with an account so we can purchase metals from you. This not only helps to track metal inventory better in case there are mistakes, but also opens the possibility of a rewards program sometime in the future.

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