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What to do with it?

Raven Recycling accepts some e-waste for use in the Computers for Schools Program. Items collected are given to them for certified data destruction. They are then refurbished and given out to schools and non-profit organistions. Other items are accepted for recycling.

Raven now accepts E-waste and White Goods.

White Goods: Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Freezers (Refrigerant removed) $12 per unit

White Goods: Fridges, Freezers and Air Conditioning Units $35 per unit

Miscellaneous E-waste: Blenders, Toasters, Printers, Vacuum cleaners and audio devices $7.00

Small Flatscreens: 29" or less TV's, computer monitors $15

Microwave ovens: $15

Large Flatscreens: 30" and above TV's and computer monitors $30

Small CRT's: 29" or less TV's and computer monitors $20

Large CRT's: 30" or more TV's and computer monitors $40

Computer towers and laptops: $15

Handheld items: Curling irons, computer mice, keyeboards, cell phones, cameras etc $2 each

Prices are charged at the discretion of the attendant.


To request a computer from Computers For Schools please go here.